We provide your children with the foundational skills to become passionate learners and successful students.

We work on building social and emotional learning skills...

The two years just before Kindergarten are critical learning years for children and can set the foundation for longer term behaviors. We have created and refined a unique, two-year long SEL (Social Emotional Learning) program that is designed to facilitate exploration, creativity, sharing, relaxing, and choice. You won't find any rote memorization or drills at Gazelle, however you will find highly engaged children mastering the core skills to be able to thrive in real-world environments (and having a ton of fun in the process). 

in order to create confident, life-long learners...

Children leave Gazelle with the tools and the confidence to embrace the world with open arms. They are shown that learning is a wonderful and ever-changing adventure; that any question can be explored, dissected, and ultimately answered; that they can and should stand-up and speak-out in their own voice; and that by working together even little hands can move big mountains. 

that graduate to become successful students
(wherever they may go).

Children don't just leave Gazelle, they graduate (with a ceremony and a diploma to boot). From there they move on to the exciting world of Kindergarten either at their local public school or to one of the neighboring private schools (Carey, Nueva, St. Matthews to name a few). Educators and admissions staff at these schools routinely comment that our graduates are socially adept, confident, and ready and eager to tackle the challenges of Kindergarten and beyond. 

Gazelle Creative Learning School

The Bay Area's most established
SEL- based preschool program


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