The History of Gazelle


The Gazelle Creative Learning School program was started forty years ago while working with gifted children (first graders for four years). With the emphasis on building strong S.E.L.* foundations for every child, the Brithish Infant School model and Drs. Ilg and Ames at Yale's Gesell Institute of Human Development, were used as resources in the development our program. What initially began as a six-week summer school has repeatedly grown and matured into the year-round school program that it is today. *Social Emotional Learning

We Believe That...
  • All children should receive the benefit of a strong S.E.L. foundation.
  • Children learn best in a warm, loving, safe environment.
  • Learning can and should be filled with joy, laughter, singing, and dancing.
  • Young children are capable of more than we think and can learn a lot from each other (our second year students teach and mentor our first year students). 
  • A passion for learning is one of the most important things you can instill in a child to drive long term academic success. 
  • The skills, maturity, and confidence to handle and express your emotions are some of the most important things you can instill in a young child to drive long term success in life.  
  • The best learning happens inside, outside, and even beyond the walls of the school itself (field trips are core to our program).

We’d love to
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Please contact us using the form to the right, or simply send an e-mail to Make sure to leave us the best phone number to reach you at. If you prefer, you can give us a call at 650-347-8411.

Come find us

We are located in the parish hall of the Saint Joseph Parish (formerly Christ Church). Come through the parking lot and down the stairs in the back. 

Gazelle Creative Learning School

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